Get Recurring Revenue for your Business

Go Local gives you a way to build up recurring income to help weather any storm.

How Go Local Rewards Works

It starts with your deal or discount.

  • Deals should reward loyal customers without breaking the bank.
  • Examples include 10% off all purchases or a free appetizer with any purchase.
  • You can also choose to offer an additional reward for first time Go Local Members.

Ask every customer if they want to save by joining Go Local.

  • We issue your business and all of your employees a unique Go Local Promo code.
  • We conduct training and onsite setup for all your employees to make sure they know how it works.
  • Every time one of your business or employee promo codes is used to enroll a new Go Local member, that customer gets a 30-day free trial.

Get paid every time you help new members sign up.

  • For every new Go Local member you refer, we pay you $5 and $5 to the employee that referred them.
  • You receive an additional $10 each year a referral renews their Go Local Membership.
  • Receive recurring revenue as long as you remain an active Go Local Partner.
  • We direct deposit all payments and take care of all 1099 Forms for your employees.

Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn't work.