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May 7, 2021
Turney Maurer

If you have lived in Austin for the past 10+ years, you have certainly heard the term "Keep Austin Weird." This slogan can be interpreted in many ways, especially if you're visiting from out of town and perhaps find yourself in the Sunday drum circle at the back entrance of Barton Springs, or exploring the funky bars and breweries of the east side. Unbeknownst to many people, the slogan actually was created as a movement to support locally-owned Austin businesses. We live in a city full of brilliant entrepreneurs who share their story by creating something unique for the people of Austin to experience. Although, the past 14 months have been especially difficult to accomplish this due to unforeseen pandemic that swept the world in March of 2020.

Bringing the Community Together Through Our App

My name is Turney Maurer, the Senior Outside Sales Representative for Go Local, and I am one of the few people from Austin who still lives here today (a Unicorn, if you will). Both of my parents owned small, local businesses which allowed me to really understand the culture of our city from a young age. I spent time on the lake, going to concerts & festivals, playing football under the Friday night lights, eating Thundercloud Sub sandwiches with friends at creek swimming holes, and getting queso after long days of boating at Flores. Prior to working for Go Local, I worked in the luxury travel industry focused on sending North American clients to Latin America, but when Covid-19 swept the globe, that quickly ended. In June of 2020 I received a call from Go Local to interview, and it was the perfect fit. They needed someone who knew Austin and who could bring together local businesses on our app in order for people to have a centralized location where they can find and support local places. I accepted the challenge and was off to the races, so I'm here today to share my experience with the world.

Witnessing the Struggles First Hand

As the Outside Sales Rep, every morning I would load up my backpack with hand sanitizer and throw on a mask before stepping out the door. Visiting the businesses in-person during a pandemic was a wildly humbling experience. At the time, we were offering any locally-owned business a free 12 month trial to add their establishment to our Go Local directory. It was our way of offering any sort of support that we could, hoping to create a community of people who could perhaps help them survive the troubling time. During this process, I spoke with many amazing business owners. Some who had been on Go Local since we were conceived in 2008, and some people who had never heard of us before. Either way, the conversations we had made me realize how truly challenging this time was for businesses not only in Austin, but all over the world. Often times when I would be driving business to business, the roads would be almost completely empty. It was like we were living in a ghost town and it took every ounce of energy I had to stay motivated while remembering our mission.

best places to eat in Austin
An inspiring message written on the wall of Vamonos!

Restaurants were going through the process of catering to no in-person services because they could only offer takeout or delivery for many months. Retail businesses had hardly any foot traffic, so most of their orders were coming through online shopping. This caused them to work with third parties like Uber Eats, Favor, Shopify etc. just to keep their business afloat. While unfortunately many businesses were forced to shut down, most were able to battle through the adversity. Now, we owe our support to them more than ever. One spectacular thing I noticed while visiting these businesses was a common theme — hope. Business owners would tell me their struggles of adjusting to the (still) continuously changing health protocols, but each one of them had hope of seeing the smiles of their customers return through the doors once the coast is clear. That's why this Memorial Day Weekend you should support local businesses in Austin with the Go Local App.

How to Use the Go Local App - 30 Day Free Trial

If you would like to try Go Local for 30 days this Memorial Day weekend, click the following link and fill out the form with the promo code MEMORIALDAY2021. With our app, you will be able to find cool things to do in Austin, the best places to eat in Austin, and the best places to shop in Austin. Not to mention that you get a deal at every single one of our 500+ local businesses on our app if you are a member. After the 30-day free trial, it's only $20 for the entire year.

Best Local Places to Eat in Austin with Go Local

Galaxy Cafe - Free drink w/ any entrée | free dessert w/ any order of $25+

District Kitchen + Cocktails - $10 off w/ two entrées

Hula Hut - Free queso w/ any 2 entrées

Vamonos - Free queso w/ any entrée

Cisco's Restaurant & Bakery - 15% off all food and merch

Toss Pizza - Free appetizer w/ any large pizza

Ranch Hand @ Armadillo Den - 15% off all orders

B.D. Riley's Irish Pub - Free black bean queso w/ any purchase of $25+

Top Notch - Free medium drink or free pie w/ any purchase

El Arroyo - Free Arroyo Nachos with purchase of 2 entrées

Rockstar Bagels - 10% off all purchases

Revelry on the Boulevard - 10% off all orders (excl. happy hour)

Crepe Crazy - 10% off all orders

Counter Cafe - Early Bird Special all day

Thai Spice - Free egg rolls w/ any purchase of $50+

Scholz Garten - Free pretzel w/ purchase of a stein | free giant pretzel w/ family meal

Sundancer Grill - Free key lime pie w/ two entrées

Cafe Blu - Free key lime pie w/ two entrées

Rollin' Smoke ATX BBQ

Best Local Coffee Shops to Visit in Austin with Go Local

Cafe Java - 10% off all orders

Barrett's Coffee - 10% off all orders

Neptune Coffee - 10% off all orders

Nate's Baked Goods & Coffee - 15% off all purchases

Spokesman Coffee - 10% off all orders

Cuppa Austin - 15% off all orders

Dear Diary Coffeehouse - 10% off all orders

Sa-Tén - 10% off all orders

Monkey Nest Coffee - 10% off all orders

Praxis Coffee - 10% off all orders

Coolest Things to Do in Austin with Go Local

The Great Outdoors - $10 off all purchases of $50+ | 10% off all pottery purchases

Greenbelt Botanicals - 20% off all purchases

Rustic Tap - Free triple dipper w/ purchase of beer bucket

IVitamin - $25 off all purchases of $100+

Mt Playmore - One free child's admission

Allen's Boots - 10% off all purchases (excl. sale items)

EPICSUP - 10% off all rentals (Mon-Thu)

Austin Rental Boats - 10% off boat rentals

Capital Cruises - Free hour w/ purchase of 1 hour (kayaks, paddle boards, canoes and swan pedal boats)

ATX Wake Adventures - $100 off all boat rentals

Nauti ATX - $100 off boat charter (4-hour minimum)

Lakeway Marina - 25% off boat rentals when you sign up for Go Local | 15% off boat rentals for members every time

JET Just Electric Transportation - Rent 1 electric bike get 1 free (Mon-Fri)

Ashes, The Cigar Lounge - 5% off all cigars

Unhooked Sports - $50 off all private eFoil lessons | 25% off all accessories w/ purchase of a one wheel

Barton Springs Bike Rental - 10% off all bike rentals or tours

For any questions, please feel free to contact us -

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend from your friends at Go Local!

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