Go Local - The Perfect Gift for Your Employees or Clients

May 7, 2021
Turney Maurer

Since 2008, Go Local memberships have been circulating Austin with the mission to help "Keep Austin Weird" by making it easier than ever for people to support locally-owned businesses all while getting rewarded for doing so. Originally, our business model was a little bit different than it is today. In order to be a member of Go Local, anyone could purchase a physical membership card (see image below) at any of our 500+ local partners. In fact, the original Torchy's Tacos on South 1st was one of our first partners along with Juiceland, Alamo Drafthouse, and many other iconic local gems here in Austin. If you wanted to find the establishments in Austin who accepted Go Local, you either had to keep a pamphlet nearby, or visit our website to scroll through a directory.

The Original Go Local Membership Cards

From Physical Card to App: A New Transition

While many people found the physical cards very convenient and fun to use, we realized that most of our membership holders were typically only using Go Local at the location where they purchased the card. In response, we migrated our platform to an app where everyone now shows their membership digitally. We made this decision for a few reasons, but mainly to help people discover new local gems through our map feature. I like to call it "the Google Maps for finding local businesses." People who download our memberships can now save at their favorite spot while exploring new areas of the city. There are so many cool things to do, fun places to shop, and delicious places to eat with Go Local - and now with our app feature it's easier than ever to do that.

A Valid Go Local Membership through the App.

Get Your Employees & Clients on Go Local with Ease — Help Them Find Local Gems to Support

Even though we have fully migrated to a digital platform, we wanted to make something tangible for people to give away as gifts. Therefore, we created gift cards that are similar to our original cards. Although, instead of actually showing the card to our partners, the gift card recipient has to scan a QR code and enter the promotion code (reveals once you scratch off the label) in order to redeem the free 1-year trial. Below are the steps from start to finish on how to redeem your Go Local Membership once you receive a Gift Card.

Step One:
Receive the gift!
Front image of the Go Local Gift Card.

Step Two: 
Scratch off the label to reveal your promo code,
and scan the QR Code to enter the Go Local App.
Back image of the Go Local Gift Card.

Step Three:
Fill out the form and enter your promo code.
Make sure to enter your cell phone number.
Once you enter your unique promo code (reveals once you scratch off the label), the dollar amount will change to $0. We still require your credit card information in case you decide to renew your membership after the first free year.

Step Four:
Get Started!

Step Five:
Enter your mobile phone number.

Step Six:
Receive your verification code and enter it.

Step Seven:
Start exploring and finding new local gems!

Give the Gift of Go Local and Help Support Your Local Economy!

When you purchase a Go Local membership for your employees and/or clients, you're not only helping them support our local economy, but you're helping them find great things to do in the city that would otherwise be difficult to discover. If you have questions on how to buy gift cards in bulk, or any other questions regarding gifting our memberships, contact us at — info@joingolocal.com.

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