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Traditional running, sit ups, and push ups are great options when working out but sometimes it can get mundane and repetitive. It is hard to motivate yourself to get out of your bed and go to your living room to do high knees for a minute. Signing up for group classes, workout studios, and gym is the easiest way to find your motivation again. Getting together with a group of people, having a coach cheer you on, and getting out of your house are all things fitness gyms and studios can bring to you. 

25% off first package (4 or 8 classes) at Mai Pilates

Austin is known for being an active city. Whether you're running on the trail, pumping iron, or taking classes at a national gym, we want you to make a conscious effort to support local. Austin has some amazing local gyms that you can join, and with Go Local it won't break the bank.

10% off all virtual classes, workout pod passes, unlimited access passes at Castle Hill Fitness

Have you been looking for a new fitness gym or studio but haven’t known where to look? Lucky for you, Go Local has a great selection of places to help get you started! Listed below are a few of the offerings that can be found on the Go Local app. For just $20 a year, you have unlimited access to all your favorite deals and discounts at over 500 local businesses around Austin! 

$15 off first purchase of 5-class pass at Fuerte Fitness

Burn Calories. Every time.

Castle Hills Fitness: 10% off all virtual classes, workout pod passes, unlimited access passes

Fight Club Austin: 1 free week for Go Local members

Fuerte Fitness: $15 off first purchase of 5 class pass

HEAT Bootcamp and Personal Training: 30 days for $50 unlimited classes  

Mai Pilates: 25% off first package (4 or 8 classes)  

Electrik City Dance Movement: First class free and then 10% off any class package

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