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May 7, 2021
Turney Maurer

If you're a supporter of locally-owned businesses, finding cool things to do in your city, and looking to help strengthen your community while earning money, then you have found yourself in the right place! Here is what you need to know about our Brand Ambassador program at Go Local

1) What is Go Local?

For $20.00 per year, our member's gain full access to our app which acts as your insider's guide to the best deals and things to do at locally-owned businesses, exclusively. Unlike any other "discount" program, local directory, or map service, our members don't have to "earn" their discounts; our partners provide them the Go Local Member Deal each time they shop at any location. Our mission is to help strengthen communities by encouraging people to support local. By doing so, more members of the community will gain real life connections with real people.

Our Brand Ambassadors are those who can help us grow along this journey.

2) Why Are Brand Ambassadors Important to Us?

In order to provide the most value to our members, it is essential that we continuously bring on new partners (any locally-owned business not yet on Go Local) through our new Three-Tier Partnership Program. At the same time, we need local legends like you to help us get everyone in your city downloading memberships and discovering new, fun things to do. This is how you earn money as a Brand Ambassador with Go Local.

3) Earn Commission and Work Your Own Hours

We want to reward you for your hard work and are ready to help you gain valuable experience in sales. Our goal is to enable your opportunities as much as possible. For example, if there is an event at a small business, nearby park, etc., that you know of and want to sell memberships at, simply let us know and we will meet you prior to set up a booth with your personalized QR code.

How Does it Work?
To sign up, schedule a brief 10-minute onboarding call by emailing:

or call

(512) 270-8891

New Members

During the welcome call, we will send you a text to receive your unique promo code. This promo code will be linked to a QR code that you will have access to, as well as a digital sign up link that will have your promo code auto-generated. Every time someone purchases a membership with your promo code, you earn $5 directly into your Go Local Portal. From here, you can transfer your earnings directly to your bank account.

New Partners

Aside from earning money by bringing on new members with your promo code, you will also learn how to earn money by signing up new partners (locally-owned businesses not yet on our directory). You will learn more this opportunity during the welcome call.

4) Want to Bring Go Local to Your City?

Do you want to be the person who puts your city and community on the Go Local map? Or perhaps you're a local business owner who wants to get your customers downloading Go Local and telling other like-minded business owners about? Give us a call at the number below or email us to chat further:

(512) 270-8891

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