Help Us Make The World More Local

Become a Go Local Community Ambassador and get paid for helping us spread the word about Go Local to your community.


Perks of being a Go Local Ambassador

  • Work on your own time.
  • Earn cash for referring new businesses and members to Go Local.
  • Help your local businesses thrive and improve your community.

How it Works

Our community ambassadors get paid to help us spread the word about Go Local.
Apply online.
We look for positive, helpful, and friendly people who love their local communities.
Complete training.
We provide in-depth live training and online courses for you to get up to speed on the Go Local mission.
Recruit your neighborhood business owners and friends to Go Local.
Earn $50 cash for every business you refer to Go Local. Plus $5 for every new member you refer to join the program.
Work at local events in your community.
Be first in line when we need people to represent Go Local at social events, community fundraisers, farmers markets, and other activities.

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